in our day-care centers in the network of the Catholic parish of St. Nicomedes. As a parish, we are pleased that you are interested in our facilities and would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your child.

For many years, our educators have been accompanying girls and boys through this phase of life! The roots of our pedagogy lie in our Christian image of man. Every person is a gift from God for us. That your child feels this, that your daughter or son feels accepted and welcome, is the most important concern of our pedagogy of attention. We are convinced that everyone is under God's blessing and at the same time can be a blessing for the people with whom they live. We want to encourage the children to discover their talents and abilities.

At the same time, they learn in our groups that they can use their talents and abilities for themselves and others. We welcome people of all cultures, religions and lifestyles. We want your child to experience and feel that this diversity is an enrichment. This is what we stand for as a parish and this is what our employees stand for. As a daycare center, we are a local church and strive to live the message of Jesus with all our hearts.

As a parish, we would like to get in touch with you on various occasions. Together we want to discover what gives our lives meaning, how children can grow into small, happy and viable personalities and what gives our lives stability. We want your children to be well looked after, given orientation and able to develop their own personalities. We are committed to this as a parish and as a team and hope for your trust and support.

For the Pfarrei St. Nikomedes

Dr. Jochen Reidegeld