"Participation means making decisions that affect one's own life and life in the community
to share and find solutions to problems together."
(Richard Schroeder)


Participation is an important focus in our facility.
In addition to the rules/conditions that a day care center needs, we trust the children to find rules and structures for togetherness.
The children are allowed to express their opinions, are heard and participate in shaping everyday life. The professionals see themselves as companions for the children.
Children's meetings are held regularly. The girls and boys should learn to articulate their opinions on certain offers, innovations, topics and purchases. 
Topic requests are also worked out with the children at group level and their ideas are incorporated and implemented.

The children get to know their rights in everyday life and are given the opportunity to claim them.
In the event of differences of opinion, the children are encouraged to verbally search for solutions and compromises together with their counterpart.
The professionals observe and (if necessary) provide assistance. This empowers the children to formulate their needs and concerns. They learn to take responsibility for their decisions.

Every year, 2 group spokespersons are elected per group, who together with 3 specialists form the day-care center's children's parliament. A professional attends council meetings on behalf of the children and represents their opinions.
A meeting takes place every two weeks, in which the children's wishes, ideas, criticism or suggestions are discussed and/or implemented. 



The Children's Parliament 2021/2022


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