Small artists in the big ring!

The kindergarten children practiced and rehearsed their big performance for weeks... and now the time had finally come! On May 23rd, 2023 our big circus performance took place in front of an audience!                                                                                                                      A circus ring was created for our artists on our outdoor area and the spectator seats quickly filled up in the afternoon. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings were very excited to see what our little artists had put together.


The show started with a lot of magic. Our magicians proudly marched into the ring with their red hats and magic wands. Each child prepared their own magic trick, which amazed the audience! At the end there was even a joint trick and our magicians showed that she could stick a needle into a balloon without bursting it! At least now nobody doubted the magic powers of the children!

When the "wild beasts of prey" were announced, some viewers winced, but could breathe a sigh of relief when a child's face shone out from under the mask. The animals performed all sorts of tricks on command and were willingly led by their trainer.

Our acrobats finished the day. They showed their skills balancing on the bench. In addition to turns and jumping on the bench, the splits were also part of the artists' repertoire.                                                                                  All the acrobats also dared to form a pyramid together with the teachers.

At the end of the performance, all the artists came into the arena and received thunderous applause for an all-round successful show. Happy and full of pride, all parents were able to hug their young artists and end the afternoon with popcorn and donuts. 





Our school children visit the fire brigade!

Monday, May 15th, 2023 was a very special day for our school children! The children could feel like a real firefighter that day. 


In the morning, firefighters Paul and Wilhelm visited us in a circle of chairs and explained many things about the fire and their work at the fire brigade. We also practiced the rescue snake and how to call the fire department in an emergency. It was particularly exciting for the children when Wilhelm put on his firefighting gear! 

In the afternoon we made our way to the fire station in Borghorst. The contents of the fire truck were shown and explained to the children. Quite a lot that can be found in a fire engine. 

The highlight of the whole day was that the children were allowed to ride in the fire truck. Of course with a siren and blue lights! It started with a small "operation" behind the fire station, where the children were allowed to put out a "fire" with the big clever ones. 

Thanks to Wilhelm and Paul for this great day!

A breakfast that connects!

This Friday there was a very special breakfast for the kindergarten children.


Many different nationalities and cultures meet in the kindergarten every day. We would like to appreciate this cultural diversity and bring it closer to the children. For this reason we have organized an international breakfast for this morning. Our parents put a lot of effort into conjuring up specialties from different countries. There were delicacies from Turkey, Sri Lanka, Portugal, Denmark, Germany, Africa, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Chile and Switzerland.

You can see the great breakfast in the pictures!

A big thank you goes to our parents who organized this international breakfast with us. We will definitely repeat this great morning again. 

We plant a tree

Today some children were allowed to plant an apple tree together with the GAL Steinfurt, which was donated to us. The children and the educational team were very happy about it!


Inauguration of an intercultural corner

On Friday we have our intercultural corner together with the song "Ja, Gott hat alle Kinder!" inaugurated in kindergarten. As a sign that we all belong together and stick together, we have hung a large map of the world in our hallway and also laid out a carpet on which all visitors, whether big or small,  "Welcome". 



Wellness day in kindergarten!

On Wednesday, the children were able to enjoy a very special day in the kindergarten. Our gym was transformed into a wellness oasis. Here the children could really relax with homemade chocolate masks, cucumber masks, foot baths, homemade hand peeling and massage balls. Of course, the right vitamins should not be missing on a wellness day, so there was a lot of fruit to eat and a particularly delicious smoothie for the children. 


It was a really great, relaxed morning in kindergarten! 

International Women's Day

For more than a hundred years, International Women's Day has been celebrated on March 8th!


On this day, attention should be drawn to women's rights, gender equality and violence against women. At the same time, it serves to celebrate women for their social, political and cultural achievements.

As a small gift, on the occasion of this special day, all employees received a rose from our union management. 

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

Carnival in kindergarten!

On Thursday it finally happened! We all celebrated a motley carnival party together!! With great costumes, a hearty, delicious breakfast, loud music and lots of fun, we spent a great morning. To crown it all, the city prince couple visited us with their entourage and brought each child their own carnival medal! 


Thank you for this great morning with you, dear children! 

New nesting boxes for our kindergarten

"THANK YOU!", we say to Rolf Schlieckmann, for completing this beautiful nest box! Each group can observe when the birds make their first entrance.


Thanks for this great handwork Rolf!


A sign of intercultural work

,,Every Thursday, some of our parents meet alternately in the morning and afternoon and create a giant globe! 


This globe reflects the different countries and cultures of our facility so that all families feel welcome in our facility. In addition to the globe, we say "Welcome" to the families in different languages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



New Year reception

Together with all the families of the kindergarten we started the new year today! 


All families were cordially invited today to enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet in the kindergarten and thus start the new year 2023. There was a colourful, delicious buffet with a wide selection!                                                                In addition to breakfast, there was also the opportunity to design your own New Year's wishes on a large poster. A big thank you goes to our chef Raimund Wollny, who prepared this great buffet for us

It was a beautiful morning! 




Circus project in the St.Josef kindergarten!

In line with this year's carnival motto, we have planned our own circus project with the children. We all met together in the hallway. 


Today the children were able to choose a circus company they would like to join. As with a "real" election, the children received a ballot paper that they were allowed to fill out with us in the polling office. Each child could decide according to their own wishes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       After all the children had voted, the ballot papers were evaluated and everyone found out in a large circle which children and which educators they would start the AG with. 

In the near future we will all set up a great circus project together! All families are of course invited to the performance. You will receive more information from us and your children in the next few weeks.



Voting on the carnival motto

In today's children's conference we talked about this year's carnival motto  Voted. All the children met together in the gym for this.


For voting, each child received a colorful ball with which they could vote for their favorite topic. The themes to choose from were: "circus", "fairy tale" and "underwater world".  As you can see in the photo, the children have clearly chosen the circus theme!

So our kindergarten will be transformed into a beautiful, colorful circus in the next few weeks.





Dear families!


Unexpectedly, we received two financial, anonymous donations for our planned day trip this week!

In total, an additional subsidy of 150 euros was collected.

100% of this amount will benefit the kindergarten children!


We are very happy about it and thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


For the Kindergarten St. Josef team

Our project Birds in winter

When we were at the playground in the morning you asked us "Can we feed the birds, what do the birds do in winter"? Since we don't know all the birds, we bought a book about birds. Together we looked at the birds in the book and listened to the bird calls. We noticed that the bird calls all sound different. As we read the book, we learned that the birds eat different fruits or grains. We thought about making something for the birds ourselves and putting the birdseed in it.


January 2022

Movie theater



January 2022

St. Martin 2021


On Thursday, November 11th, 2021, the kindergarten children celebrated St. Martin's Festival with their families and the team of teachers.

The highlight was the St. Martin's play, which was performed this year by the future school children of the facility.

Fresh, home-baked St. Martin's geese and delicious, warm cocoa invited to refreshment afterwards.

All participants were very happy about this long-missed experience.

A great evening!

A bit like St. Martin

The day-care center children and families in the St. Josef family center also want to be a bit like St. Martin.


World Children's Day

For World Children's Day, the team from the St. Josef kindergarten has come up with something very special. On two days there were special surprises for all kindergarten children. On the first day, the entire facility took a trip on the little train. The light in the children's eyes was great when they knew what we were planning. It was an hour across Borghorst, what fun. The second day was a special experience, the team had built a bouncy castle and the children could experience many small attractions. The paint slingshot was spun, plastered waffles and looked for treasures.


Ink box

We collect empty ink cartridges!


Come and join the project for more sustainability.  




Sunflowers - planting campaign

In April, a sunflower planting campaign started in the St. Josef daycare center in Borghorst. Four months later, gardeners big and small will be rewarded with a very special surprise. Around the time during the restricted regular operation and the In order not to let summer vacation be too long, the educators had the idea of challenging all families with a special campaign and called for a sunflower planting campaign.


Many children sowed sunflower seeds at home and cared for them diligently. The teachers in the kindergarten also took part. The children's sunflowers grew and grew at home, but that didn't go so well in the facility. Luckily, the children from the St. Josef daycare center let huge sunflowers grow at home. All the children who took part in this campaign received a small surprise and were particularly celebrated again as part of a small celebration.

EU School Milk Scheme

From October 2021 we will be supplied with milk and natural yoghurt for all children regularly and free of charge for one year.


This program is sponsored and supported by our state government.



Fundraising campaign Erftstadt

Dear families, you must have heard about the flood disaster in the past few weeks.


We are very sorry that many people have lost everything and now have to start all over again. Mr. Federhenn-Vortherms, a kindergarten father from the St. Marien kindergarten, maintains close contact with an affected community in Erftstadt, Rhineland.

Together with him, the association of all Catholic kindergartens St. Nicomedes would like to support the citizens' initiative in Erftstadt and will collect donations for the affected community by August 13th, 2021.

The donations can be handed in at all Catholic day-care centers of the St. Nicomedes parish.


Best regards

The kindergarten team and the parents' council of the St. Josef kindergarten

Sunflower Planting Contest 2021

Dear children and parents,


in April we started our sunflower planting competition. Now it's time to present your pictures. Show us how tall your sunflower has grown.

Please email pictures to

The largest sunflower will be determined at the beginning of September and great prizes are waiting for you.

Here is Theodor with his great sunflower.

Here are Amyna and Hanisha Maheswaran with her amazing sunflower.

Here are and Shivani and Marisol with her amazing sunflower.

Here is Jo Maurer with his great sunflower.

Here you can see Mia Saerbeck. Unfortunately, Oskar the dog ate the sunflowers you planted. 
Unfortunately, this one has no flowers yet. 
But the hollyhock grew in parallel.

This is Neele Barsan, she would have liked to take part but unfortunately the sunflower died.

Nevertheless, the sunflower was just as big as the rose 

This is Hannes and Michel Pepping. Unfortunately they weren't lucky, the sunflower snapped off.

Here is Jannis Woite with his great flower.

Wow, that's a lot of sunflowers. here we see Milo, Amy and Melina Klaassen 




Dear families,

on Monday yesterday, a very special surprise awaited the kindergarten children and us, the educators.

Two wonderful people stood in front of the front door and presented one
"Ice cream voucher from Zanella".
Actually, this ice cream was intended for the day trip to the playground in St. Arnold.
 Unfortunately, this date cannot take place due to the existing Corona requirements.

Nevertheless, it was very important to the two "donors" that every child and every educator should still be able to enjoy a delicious scoop of ice cream!
This is not a matter of course!

We all say a big "THANK YOU" and are very happy!

Kind regards,
for the children and the educators of the St. Josef kindergarten

Simone Kaiser-Warmeling

The police visit us in the day care center

"There's a real police car in front of the door!", the children could be heard shouting in the morning of April 21st. Of course everything was fine and the visit was planned:


The prospective school children from the groups were able to find out everything about the police today.

First we went outside: together the groups took a close look at the car. Of course, the blue lights and the siren, which the children were able to test enthusiastically, were particularly exciting. The policeman then answered all the children's questions, who are now real police experts - it was an exciting morning for the girls and boys!


Sunflower Planting Contest



Kindergarten Heeeeelauuuu!!!!

We are delighted that so many children are participating in our idea of dressing up at home.

Please click on the photos!







Rolling Forest School visiting the St. Josef Kindergarten,

On Monday, September 21st, 2020, the children of the St. Josef daycare center in Steinfurt-Borghorst had an exciting insight into the animal world of the forest. Together with Dietmar Mikolaiski from KJS Steinfurt-Tecklenburg e.V., the children got to know some animals. For this purpose, the rolling forest school had brought many different animal preparations. The deceptively real forest animals brought great amazement to the children's eyes. The behavior of the native animals in autumn / winter was described here in particular. It was nice that the children got to see the animals so close up, but touching was also allowed. A special experience, not only for the kindergarten children, but also for the educators. A big thank you for this great and eventful morning.


Hard cross increase !

Martin helper action

This year we would like to support the Martinshelfer campaign of the Steinfurter Tafel.
In the week from November 9th, 2020 to November 13th, 2020 we will set up a donation table in the facility. Here we collect canned food, hygiene items, etc.


More information can be found in the letter.

Wishing tree promotion



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