Mission statement of the institutions of St. Nicomedes



The parish of St. Nicomedes runs seven catholic day-care centers for girls and boys from four months to school age.
Life in our facilities is as colorful as the colors of the rainbow.

They also symbolize the values that we want to pass on to the children.
God's hands give us protection and security.


Bedeutung der Farben:

Red: the color of love - God loves you.< /em>

 Orange: the color of hope - You can always have hope .

 Yellow: the color of eternity - Through Jesus we have one future.

  Green: the color of growth - God takes care of you.

 Light blue: the color of truth - God's word is truth .

 Dark blue: the color of loyalty - God stands by his covenant .

 Purple: the color of penance and reconciliation - God forgives yours Guilt.


Contact compound


Yvonne Radermacher-Bunte
Ansgar Kockmann

Nikomedesstr. 2
48565 Steinfurt
Phone: 02552 6392-0
Fax: 02552 6392111