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Religious education

As a Catholic institution, we understand our educational mission to be based on the Christian faith of the Catholic Church. Through a child-friendly religious education  we teach children Christian values, such as social interaction, helpfulness and tolerance.

Our facility is a place where children can experience closeness and security in the togetherness of life and faith. We take up the different religions and migration histories.

Our faith can be experienced by the children by:

  • regularly celebrate small liturgies of the word with the children in our facility

  • Tell stories from the Bible and act them out

  • Singing religious songs and sharing picture books

  • Introduce religious symbols (cross, sign of the cross, rainbow,..)

  • Celebrate festivals of the church year (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter...)

  • visit our parish church

Educational concept

Our St. Johannes day care center is a place of upbringing, care, education, counseling  and feeling good. Our work encloses all areas of the children's lives and learning.

Language promotion and inclusion are  an integral part of our work.

Our concept is based on  pedagogical aspects for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years.
All specialists regularly take part in further training and thus guarantee up-to-date pedagogy.

Our day-care center is a "home" for your child.
With us, the individual child is the focus of our work:

  • We pick up every child, with their strengths and weaknesses, where they are.
  • The child's wishes and interests are taken into account.
  • We adapt the spatial environment and learning environment to the needs of the children  on.

Our  Daycare  is  familyfriendly. We offer family support.

  • Close cooperation with the parents is essential.
  • It goes without saying that we support parents in their jobs.
  • We provide parents with further cooperation partners and accompany them there if they wish.

Our  Daycare  is  a catholic Furnishings.
you is a  Bridge between  families and our parish.

  • We understand our educational mission on the basis of the faith of the Catholic Church.
  • We teach the children the Christian faith on the basis of a
    child-friendly religious education.
  • We enable the children to have a variety of faith experiences.

Parental work  is  the  pillar our work.
Our doors are open; we take our time!

  • We try to incorporate the parents' ideas and suggestions.
  • We work together with the parents' council in a spirit of trust.
  • Parents can experience their child's kindergarten day.

Holistic education is our main goal.
We assign a central importance to the game.

  • We support the children in becoming independent and self-confident  to develop personalities.
  • We support the children  to become social, conflict and critical.
  • We support the children who  To develop willingness and joy in learning.

Discoveries in duck country - order in the world

 Entenland 2-Seminar als Abschluss einer tollen Seminarreihe - Zahlenland  Prof. Preiß

Jährlich ab Januar treffen sich einmal wöchentlich unsere 3 bis 4-jährigen Kinder unserer Einrichtung mit Renate zu den »Entdeckungen im Entenland« in unserer Turnhalle. Einem Projekt, in dem die Kinder bei intensiver sprachlicher Begleitung grundlegende Erfahrungen zu Farben, Formen und Zahlen sowie zur Orientierung im Raum machen können.

"Das Projekt wurde mit der Zielsetzung entwickelt, Kinder anintroduce methods of thinking that help them build knowledge about the world and connect it to their lives. The language development of the child is deliberately promoted in all activities. This happens in particular through rounds of discussion, through rhymes, puzzles and through stories about the duckling." Prof. Gerhard Preiß

Order in the world

The addition "order in the world" in the title of the project describes the general objective of enabling children to recognize order and stability in the diversity and ephemerality of things. By sorting and arranging, the children learn to form concepts, become familiar with levels and spatial figures and put objects and thoughts in a fixed order. The Duckland with lake, meadow and labyrinth provides the framework for activities and discoveries, where the children have plenty of opportunity for games, conversations, songs and movement. The duckling lives with its parents in the duck house and is always experiencing new, exciting adventures.

Orientation in space and time

Above all, it is time that creates "order": in the course of a day, a year, a story, in everything we do. The children should be aware of the order of time and be able to describe it with “before/after”, for example. They also deal with pairs of terms such as "inside/outside", "front/back" and "above/below", which refer to the position in space. First experiences with numbers In the »Discoveries in Entenland« children are systematically familiarized with the dice. Another important goal is to encourage the ability to grasp (at a glance) one to five things at once. Counting (from 1 to 10) is also included in a playful way.

Language support

In all of the children's activities, we ensure that language development is promoted. This happens in particular in rounds of discussions about the respective content, through rhymes, puzzles and through stories about the duckling. The detailed schedules contain information boards for understanding the language development and for effective support.

Slide 1

Project part Entenland 1:

 1. Learning area 1: Colors and inside/outside

 2. Learning area 2: flat shapes and flat shapes in combination with colors

 3. Learning field 3: Counting, rolling dice and simultaneous detection

As part of the discoveries in Duckland with a lake, meadow and playground, the children not only accompany the courageous duckling on his adventures, but also help the clumsy duck Cleverly with learning, eliminate the consequences of the nocturnal pranks of the fox and solve the riddles of the Raven guess.

Source:zahlenland Prof. Preiß, www.zahlenland.info


A carefully designed adjustment phase is particularly important for our little ones.

You have the opportunity to accompany your child, especially in the first few days, until it has really got to know us and has gained confidence in us.

Once we've gained your child's trust, we work to ensure that you can leave them alone with us for a short period of time. This period of time usually increases from day to day.

Please contact us if your child needs a special stuffed animal or a pacifier, because sometimes the "pain of separation" is easier to cope with.

Your child gets security and orientation from us through recurring rituals and structures in the daily routine.

Diapering is a matter of course for us. We would be happy to support you in your child's toilet training.

After lunch, your child can of course also take a nap with us. Each child has their own bed.


If it becomes clear that your child has an increased need for support, we will work with you to find a way to give you and your child the best possible support.

"You and I belong together."

We support community living and learning for children with special needs.
Task of our team  - with an additional specialist for integration  - is not just the everyday work.
In addition, there is intensive support for the children.
Due to the large number of developmental problems and their respective problems, working with the  We develop individual action concepts for children.

Required additional offers to the usual work
at our facility:

  • Additional work with parents
  • Create support plans   
  • Psychomotor
  • Exercise offers
  • Perception Offers
  • Edu Kinestetics
  • Language support
  • Role playing games
  • Small group work
  • Collaboration with other professionals and institutions

Our goal is to support the children in their individual and social development and to teach them the skills for self-realization.

With us, every child with all their possibilities and skills is in the foreground and not their deficits.


It surrounds us every day and is essential to life. Food. It should be fun, something you can experience and taste good. We expand the children's breakfast with a varied selection of fruit and vegetables. Each child pays €5.00 per month via the catering portal. This money is used, among other things, to finance the snack rounds in the afternoon and the drinks for our facility.

We will have lunch together around 12 p.m. with the sun children and around 12.30 p.m. with the flower and bird children. At the beginning of the day, children have the opportunity to find out what there is to eat from the weekly schedule.

We get our food from the supplier Linnenschmidt from Burgsteinfurt. Short transport routes and a balanced and healthy lunch are given. The Wish Wednesday enables the children to decide together as a group what food they want. In odd-numbered months, dishes -which are chosen by our children- are cooked on Wednesdays. A great way to give children further awareness of healthy eating.

Cooking and baking activities with the children are also part of our activities and are very popular. We also grow fruit and vegetables with the children ourselves. This on a small scale, so that we can use and eat all the food.

Intercultural education


Our facility is attended by children and families from different backgrounds and nationalities. Openness, appreciation and respect are the focus of our everyday interactions. In this way, all children and adults experience that they feel accepted and in good hands. Intercultural education is an integral part of our educational work.

Speech daycare

The federal language program has the motto: "Because language is the key to the world".  Language day-care centers want to help ensure that all children have good educational opportunities right from the start. The program is intended to provide the opportunity for years to do professional language pedagogical work, to consolidate inclusive pedagogy and to intensify cooperation with families.

What does that mean specifically?

The day-care center management and language support staff are working on how development can be initiated in our facility. Ideas and suggestions should be specific to the facility. The entire daycare team is professionally accompanied, advised and supported during implementation. The team brings in the topics themselves.

The prerequisite for the federal language program to be able to start at all is the cooperation, willingness and reflection of all the pedagogical employees of the day-care center. The experience of each pedagogical specialist is incorporated. Only then can we jointly find and establish new focal points on the subject of language.

The federal language program also includes inclusion, which means working with parents in a way that is aware of prejudice.

We receive support from specialist advice from the federal language programme. This actively supports us in the implementation of the program.

The topics are diverse. It includes practical material and books.

In our everyday life with the children, there are many opportunities to fill the term language education with life. The federal program offers a lot of leeway that can be designed depending on the structural requirements, experience and expectations of the team.

Let's do it together!

We started redesigning the adjoining rooms together with the children. By coordinating the categories, the children successfully collected many ideas and thus contributed to the implementation of the new room concepts. The children now have the opportunity to use the photo magnets to log out of their group in order to explore new play areas outside of the group every day and to meet new play partners. There are open offers for all children of all ages to get in touch with other children. In addition, all children can now go to the gym every day, play outside or in the hallway at any time without restriction. The current room concept automatically grows or changes as a result of everyday individual impulses from the children.

In addition, our facility would like to be officially certified as a family center this year and thus offer targeted individual offers, for example in the "language" area. The children entrusted to us should be supported and encouraged according to their individual talents and inclinations.

Everyday integrated language education:

Language is everywhere in our day-care center. In all activities in everyday kindergarten life, the children try out and experience language with other children and adults.

  • We give your child "warmth" so that it feels comfortable and language develops.
  • We accompany your child in its language development in the form of
    Language education and language promotion.

 In everyday situations, such as eating together, your child will experience a calm and pleasant atmosphere with us, where language is offered in the form of conversations.

The children are allowed to experience and organize household chores. Every action and action is accompanied by language here. This creates a vocabulary expansion and action sequences can also  be understood non-verbally.

Your child can make new social contacts through language. Everyday situations are imitated in the various role play areas we offer. This is how the child practices the language here too.

The different cultures in our facility offer a variety of language opportunities. This also creates a desire for language.
Your child experiences consciously what it is like to speak one, two or even more languages. We also offer information material in other languages for you as parents.


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