Easter in the day-care center St. Johannes

The kindergarten day began with a leisurely Easter breakfast buffet in the entrance hall.


After the balanced and delicious breakfast, the children celebrated the Hello God round in the gym with Claudia. The children were informed about what happened on Good Friday with a child-friendly story.

This time there was a letter from the Easter Bunny in Claudia's treasure chest! The Easter Bunny has hidden something on the outside of the kindergarten and invited the children to look for it. Of course, the children put on shoes and jackets straight away and then went on a search. Each child has found a small chocolate bunny and a chalk egg.

After the Easter egg hunt, the children took advantage of the beautiful weather and were able to try out their new chalk eggs.




There are now dental experts in the St. Johannes day care center!

At the beginning of March, the 4-5 year old children at the St. Johannes day care center became dental experts through the “Strong Teeth” project. Together they learned something about the “KAI” tooth brushing technique. This was practiced in a playful way on a tinkered set of teeth and her own teeth. Using picture cards, the children then considered which foods have a particularly high or low level of sugar and discussed the effects on their teeth. After the insight into nutrition, we visited the dental practice Rintelen in Steinfurt as a highlight. There the children were able to gain many exciting insights. We are happy about the good cooperation and had an exciting and eventful morning there. Finally, the children were awarded a certificate and received gifts for continued good dental hygiene. The children were very excited and proud of themselves. We would like to thank the Rintelen dental practice and our colleague Anne Ebert, who implemented the project with the children as part of her training with a lot of commitment and joy.


Advent magic in the day-care center St. Johannes

The magic of Advent enchanted the St. Johannes day care center again this year. Together with the children and the parents, who were cordially invited, we got in the mood for the Advent season in a contemplative atmosphere. Delicious cookies were painstakingly baked and decorated by the children and their parents beforehand. The next morning we started our Advent magic with our pastoral officer Claudia Brebaum in the Hello God group. During the Advent season we heard the story about "Rica the Sheep" who experienced something "wonderful" during the Christmas season. Afterwards, the children could experience numerous handicraft offers together with their parents at various handicraft stations. Paper stars, painted wooden panels and lanterns were admired and marveled at afterwards. For an extra portion of "magic", the children could accompany the snowman "Olaf" in the Advent cinema during the Christmas season. At the end we sang some Christmas carols together and ate the delicious cookies.



On December 6th, 2022, the children of the St. Johannes daycare center were surprised by St. Nicholas and his servant Ruprecht after a delicious breakfast buffet together. He even had a little something for the kids. The parents' council of the St. Johannes day-care center actively supported St. Nicholas in the preparations and made little Santa Clauses.


In the evening the traditional "Nikolaus-on-Tour" campaign took place. A great action by the parents' council of the St. Johannes daycare center. Some families of the day-care center are visited at home by Nikolaus and his servant Ruprecht.


Nationwide reading day `2022 in the day care center St.Johannes

The nationwide day of reading aloud has existed since 2004 on the initiative of "DIE ZEIT", the Reading Foundation and the Deutsche Bahn AG Foundation.


This year, the Reading Day took place across Germany on November 18.

From an initial idea of having parents or grandparents read typical children's books in their work clothes, for example, we finally took advantage of the colorful diversity in our facility. Children from a total of twelve nations visit the St.Johannes day care center with their parents every day. This is how the idea came about to have parents or grandparents read to ALL the children in their native or national languages. The parents were enthusiastic and brought in their own ideas.

There should never be a barrier between language, reading, understanding and being together! First, mothers, fathers and grandparents read or told stories (because there was also the possibility), then they talked about it, asked questions and laughed a lot when it was translated afterwards. J

Thanks to the great commitment of the many "reading parents", we were able to expand the reading day project. We started the campaign on two mornings and one afternoon, which was very well received by children and parents and was a complete success!! J

Once again, a big thank you to the "Vorleseltern`2022" of the KiTa St.Johannes, we also had a lot of fun!! 


St. Martin parade of the day care center St.Johannes

On Sunday, November 13th, 2022, the children, parents, friends and acquaintances, as well as some educators from the St.Johannes daycare center, met for the St. Martin procession `2022.


On the dot at 4:00 p.m. we started our singing rehearsal with musical accompaniment in glorious sunshine J, lit up the children's homemade lanterns and walked in a good mood, singing and chatting towards St. Nepomuk Church.

After a short prayer there, on the forecourt, the ever-growing crowd, accompanied by the trombone choir, set off again to watch the Martinspiel in the city center. In the meantime it had gotten dark, children's eyes shone just as brightly as the many colorful lanterns.

After the performance, pretzels were handed out and shared, in the spirit of the St. Martin festival.

A successful afternoon came to a peaceful conclusion in the evening.

A morning at the cinema in kindergarten

One second we're in the well-known Thanksgiving theme and the next we're at the cinema morning?!?
How can that be? No problem for the creative children of the St. Johannes day-care center!
Thanksgiving - corn - popcorn - cinema...and all the children enthusiastically brought their ideas together.
Together with the children, we therefore considered how we could turn the daycare center into a cinema. The children eagerly collected what had to be taken into account for the planning:

1. First, the children wrote a letter to Annika with their wish to turn the day care center into a cinema in order to obtain her consent.
2. A film was chosen together.
3. A date has been set so that as many children as possible can take part.
4. Movie tickets need to be organized.
5. Together we decided which snacks should be available and a shopping list was drawn up.

After the children wrote a lovely letter to Annika, they quickly received written feedback as well. In return, Annika only wants to share in the consumption of the chocolate. This was not a problem for the children. The film was participatively chosen by the children with muggle stones. It should be Paw Patrol.
The children were able to quickly agree on an appointment in the morning circle. Then the children made and designed the cinema tickets.
All that was missing was the traditional popcorn and the desired chocolate to enjoy the cinema event.
Luckily the time had come on September 28th. After the cinema tickets were stamped at the "box office" and many children even showed up in Paw Patrol clothing, the cinema morning was a complete success.



Introductory afternoon + parents' assembly

On September 20th, 2022, the daycare team invited parents and children to this year's general meeting of parents at the St.Johannes daycare center.


With a rich cake buffet, equipped with apple pie, baked by the children, and some local delicacies lovingly prepared by the parents, we started punctually at 3 p.m. with coffee or tea in the "afternoon to get to know each other".

In the early days of sunshine, parents and educators quickly got into conversation. The children were now playing well strengthened on the outside area of the day-care center.

While the parents retreated to the daycare gym at 4:00 p.m. for a meeting, the children could choose between various activities: dancing, fishing for Muggle stones, throwing games, painting, handicrafts and in between snacking at the buffet. J

Annika Robert, as head of the facility, welcomed everyone present at the parents' assembly. Yvonne Radermacher-Bunte acted as the joint leader, Claudia Brebaum and  as representative of the church council Andrè Winkelmann. Employees from each group presented the team, group structures and current topics and work in their groups.

After Kita - information, annual plan and information on events, it was time to choose the parents' representatives. Many parents had themselves put up for election in advance and thus showed a lot of commitment in advance.

Thanks to the consistently positive participation of everyone, the 2022 parents' general meeting was a successful afternoon with all its refinements!!

The team at the St. Johannes day-care center is looking forward to continued good and trusting cooperation with the new parents' council.

(The picture shows our new parents' council. From left to right: Stephan Gremplinski, Mandy Hardt, Verena Zotzki, Jessica Reißberg, Joelle Schulz, Jessica Kowol, Anna Lebedew, Andreas Brandt)

Excursion to the book corner

Together with some children we set out to buy new books. Even getting there was an exciting experience, as we first had to take the train to Borghorst. Once there, the search for new books began. But we quickly found what we were looking for! Equipped with new books and freshly strengthened by a delicious ice cream, we then went to the inclusion playground in Borghorst. At the end of the exciting day, we took the train back to the day care center.  




Actions with our Schlaufoxen

There was a lot going on with the Schlaufoxes (prospective school children) this year as well. Every Thursday, the Schlaufoxes met all day for various offers and promotions. The cunning foxes were accompanied by the fox Frida, with whom they have shared many adventures. This year, the Schlaufoxes decided to have a sporting program in their pre-school group, so that many sporting activities were carried out. Excursions on the subject of traffic and fire safety education were also part of the programme. After the Schlaufoxes had successfully acquired a bobby car driver's license, they were able to demonstrate what they had learned when they visited the police on the road. The fire brigade also visited us and gave us a lot of information about fire protection. Afterwards, the clever foxes were allowed to explore the fire station and even ride in a fire truck. 


Another highlight of the Schlaufoxes was the performance "The Rainbow Fish". Costumes were made together, roles were selected, a backdrop designed and rehearsed very diligently. After a long rehearsal and excitement, the clever foxes presented their play to the parents. 

At the end of the clever fox group, the children made their school cone together with their parents. After many exciting and thrilling experiences, the farewell party was on. We spent an eventful final day in the Emsdetten city park. The official farewell took place as part of a service in which the parents and children participated with our pastoral advisors Claudia and Charlotte. The children proudly accepted their treasure folders and were traditionally "thrown out of the day-care center". 







Inauguration of our new mud facility

On Wednesday, June 15th, 2022, after a long time of planning, organization, excitement and joy, the time had finally come! With bright sunshine, pennant chains, a relaxed atmosphere from children and adults, as well as fun attractions and delicious food, the new mud facility in the Catholic day care center St. Johannes was ceremonially opened. The new mud plant made from recycled material is a huge addition to the facility. Play encourages children's creativity and experimentation, while water and sand act as a stimulus to play.


After many words of thanks from Mrs. Robert (facility management) to all those involved and sponsors for their active support, the new mud system was blessed during a small service by our pastoral speakers Claudia Brebaum and Charlotte together with all the children. The day-care center's smarts accompanied the inauguration ceremony with an opening dance on the theme "The Rainbow Fish".

After the opening, Ms. Robert invited people to splash, play and experiment in the mud area. In addition, there were many other stations at the inauguration party, such as a watercourse, catching fish, glitter tattoos, throwing water balls, as well as a bouncy castle and a goal wall for the children to discover.








Carnival campaign "My Order 2022"

The Kita St. Johannes took part in the action of the United Schützen Borghorst "My medal 2022" and made a beautiful medal with the children at our motley Kita carnival celebration.


Thank you very much for the sweets and the €150 prize money. Together in the morning circles, the children can think about which wish they want to fulfill with the money. A vote will then take place.

If you want to marvel at the medals in person, since the weekend you have the opportunity to marvel at the small works of art in a shop window "Auf dem Schilde" (in the shop of the former sleevey jeweler).



Our new mud plant is being built!

After previous work assignments and preparatory measures with our parents' council and the children, we were finally able to receive our mud system with joyful anticipation. The new mud system is sustainable and made from recycled plastic. It offers a lot of space for children to learn and experience and requires teamwork and concentration.


Earth, water, sand and mud magically attract children and encourage them to play and discover. Dealing with these natural elements promotes sensual experiences and child development in a special way.

In the spring, underground lines are laid and the pump connected, since the mud system is a highlight on the outdoor area, especially in the summer months.



Excursions into the countryside and experience nature!

Regular walks from excursions into nature to raise awareness of nature and the environment are regularly on our daily program.


Children learn  awareness of nature and the environment fastest through trips to the countryside. The exciting nature experiences also stimulate many educational areas of the children and promote child development. For example, the motor skills and body awareness of the children are strengthened and the perception of the senses is promoted through hearing, smelling and feeling.


Kids yoga

Since the beginning of September, Children's Yoga with Yessica has been taking place regularly on Fridays in our whisper time for children from the age of 3 years. Children's yoga is all about fun, relaxation and imagination.


Exercise and relaxation increase children's well-being and promote physical, mental, emotional and psychosocial development. The yoga exercises are done in a playful way, often using animals and integrated into stories or children's songs.


World Children's Day

On September 21, 2021, a day of action on the occasion of World Children's Day took place in the St. Johannes daycare center. During the preparations, a banner was created with the children and children's rights were discussed. In addition, the children helped diligently to bake cakes in the morning, since the parents were also invited to coffee and cake in the afternoon.</ p>


From 3 p.m. there was a station run on the program. The children could go through various play stations such as an egg run course, throwing cans, ball hopping, a bobby car course and various throwing and hopping games. 

The day not only brought great joy, but also made the children very proud, as they received a certificate and a medal afterwards. 



A raised bed is created....

What do you do with a large wooden box that is sitting empty in a corner outside and not being used? That's what the educators of the Sonnenkinder group asked themselves. Together we came up with the idea of converting this box into a raised bed.


No sooner said than done. A lot of specialist knowledge was acquired in advance. With the help of the hard-working children, the raised bed was first layered with different materials. On a trip to the weekly market, vegetables such as lettuce, kohlrabi and carrots were bought and planted directly in the raised bed. Now it was time to take care of the plants.

Now the children could already harvest the first radishes and eat them together. We are already looking forward to the other vegetables.

The children were so enthusiastic about the "raised bed" project that we are currently working on other topics such as earthworms, flowers and insects.






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