"Something's moving here"

"The essential change in childhood conditions lies in the loss of independence and in one-sided sensory experiences"
~ Renate Zimmer ~

In our St. Martin kindergarten, we have always adapted to the changing living conditions of the children and families and have repeatedly reconsidered our exercise promotion concept.

The children can take part in both guided, participatory and open gymnastics.
The open gymnastics offer is controlled by a traffic light system. In this way, all children have the opportunity to take part in the range of activities on offer in addition to the group-internal gymnastics.

The range of exercise offered is always voluntary for our children and as free as possible of pressure, evaluation, competition and excessive demands.

We attach great importance to different perception possibilities and resource-oriented gymnastics.
On our spacious outdoor area with different levels and ground conditions, the children also have many opportunities to move and make perception experiences.

This is how the children can work with us:

- guided and open gymnastics
- play in sparsely seated rooms
- experience moving and contemplative morning circles
- four of you can also play outside
- Participate in regular walks and hikes
- go to playgrounds
- Participate in the healthy breakfast
- Experience mud weeks and play in the sensory pool
- Participate in rest periods through dream trips and places to sleep

Thanks to the cooperation with TV Borghorst, we have further expanded our range of exercise, e.g. by participating in Kibaz, dwarf gymnastics in the day care center gym, events and sports festivals etc.