Kids Magic Show

On Monday, June 5th, 2023, the magician Endrik Thier from Ahaus visited us with his impressive magic show.
Many things that went wrong at the beginning were made possible by the active support of the children and of course a lot of magic.

What's up with the magic wand?

Why can the glass ball fly?

How does the umbrella trick work?

All this remains mysterious...

The children's eyes shone and Endrik got a big round of applause from his small audience at the end. :-)



Forest Days 

The smart mice and the middle children of the bear and mouse group had three great days in the forest.

Together with Louise (certified nature educator), the children have set out to complete many tasks in the forest to help the little witch Lillibet. 
The children were able to discover a lot and had a lot of fun.


Outside studio weeks

From 24.04. - 05.05.2023, the children who wanted to could participate in the outdoor studio.
On the first two days the children had to look for things - sorted by colour, hard and soft - and sorted by size.
Then they made pictures out of it and outlined them with charcoal.
At the end the children filled in their pictures with colour. Wonderful works were created, which were documented by the children with super exciting stories.

Another action took place outside with sticks, ribbons, wire, wool, fairytale wool and self-drying clay.

In the second week, the children were allowed to experiment with colors to their heart's content using toilet brushes (not used, of course), rollers, sponges, brushes and stamps on a huge sheet of paper.


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