Our day-care center St. Nikolaus takes part in the federal program "Language day-care centers - because language is the key to the world".


The development of language and language skills is not only an important concern for us, we also see it as a pedagogical mission.
Through this program, we enable all children to benefit from good educational opportunities right from the start.
Since our catchment area is the residential area of families from different cultures and different social classes, it is once again a special concern for us to integrate the language into the focus of our everyday pedagogical life. In this way, we enable the children to participate and help shape our everyday lives and at the same time also have the opportunity to participate and help shape public life and society.
Through language we open up the world, acquire knowledge, resolve conflicts verbally and not physically. Language makes it possible to express feelings and set personal boundaries.

In this context, we have developed goals in our concept that we live in everyday pedagogical work.
We implement the pedagogical accompaniment of the language development of children in everyday life and supplement it with additional internal offers such as pre-school exercises for our prospective school children, reading aloud and working on picture books, finger games, etc.
But non-verbal communication is also an important part of language, because we emphasize our spoken words with gestures, facial expressions and posture. That is why it is particularly important to us to communicate empathetically and openly with the children, parents and colleagues here. 
Through our function as a role model, the children learn from us the correct use of language and the appropriate use of facial expressions, gestures and posture.