We live participation

Children need a healthy mixture of predetermined framework conditions that offer them support and security, and opportunities to create their own educational processes.


That's why we give them a fundamental right to have a say in decision-making, which allows them to mature into strong, individual people in their development.


With an offer, interests are bundled, ideas are developed together with the children and corresponding activities are implemented in the various educational areas.

Here we rely primarily on our partially open work - so the children also have the opportunity to take advantage of offers in the partner group.

School children

The school children have their own room and can design it anew each year. You can choose different game materials, set up play areas, etc. 

In addition, the schoolchildren can help decide which activities they want to carry out in their last year in daycare (e.g. visit the police/fire brigade/library/and much more).


During free play time, the children regularly decide which rooms they want to "play with". In addition to the group rooms, the adjoining rooms, the corridors, the mud room, the Snoezel room and the large doll corner are available. In the studio, the children choose what they want to paint or do handicrafts with. Here the materials are always available to the children.


We have a general "quiet time" after lunch together, but we generally focus on the children's sleep needs. Younger children can take a nap in the morning if necessary, older children who can already express themselves verbally and no longer want to sleep can only rest in the group room or be otherwise quietly occupied.


The children come to the facility in the morning with very different breakfast requirements.

So you can decide for yourself when you want to have breakfast. Likewise, with the offered lunch, each child can decide for themselves how much they want to eat.

Morning Circle

The common morning circle does not take place every day.
We are guided by the current situation after free play time. Depending on the weather, mood in the group and interest in singing together, we organize this activity. If a morning circle takes place, the children express, partly verbally or through movement, which songs or musical plays they would like to do.