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Catholic profile

As a Catholic institution, we place great emphasis on religious education work.

The religious work with the children takes place in our everyday life and is our constant companion.  There is prayer in morning circles, religious songs are sung and stories are told, prayer is shared before lunch, etc.

Our goal is to be able to give the children Christian values on their way through life.

The following aspects are particularly important to us:

  • Appreciation of life and nature
  • Carefulness and caution in relationships with fellow human beings and the environment
  • Openness towards others

Christian festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Maria's name day, etc. are celebrated in our facility within or across groups.
In the adjacent Marienkirche, this is a very special experience for the children. 

Educational work

"To stimulate life - and then to let it develop freely - here lies the first task of the educator"

-Maria Montessorie-


Upon entry into kindergarten, parents and educators establish an educational partnership. Working with parents is particularly important to us, as they are experts for their child.

Our aim is for all children and parents to feel comfortable and secure in our kindergarten.

For our pedagogical work, it is particularly important to us to pick up every child where they are and to support and accompany them individually and holistically.

We are pursuing our goals as follows:

  • Partially open work in age-homogeneous groups
  • Groups are age-specific
  • Offers are tailored to the age and development of the individual children
  • Focused on the free spin
  • Offers can be freely chosen by the children
  • Children can help shape everyday life (participation)
  • Animal-assisted pedagogy
  • Documentation through personalized portfolio folders

Under 3 years old

Children between the ages of 4 months and 6 years are cared for in our facility.

Our little ones between the ages of 0 and 3 find their kingdom on the ground floor of our kindergarten. In addition to the spacious group rooms, there are ancillary rooms, dining rooms, places to retreat to rest and sleep and a large corridor area, which can be used as a route for push vehicles and bobby cars.

All rooms are age-specific and designed to meet the needs of the little ones.

Trusted caregivers are essential for a good start in kindergarten.

It is therefore particularly important to us that the children can always meet people they trust in their group. 


"Every child has the right to be as they are"

Our mission is to accept every child as they are and to integrate them into everyday group life. Inclusion 

For us, this means that we recognize all children as individuals and treat developmental delays or disabilities with loving respect.

The promotion of these children is primarily about the individual child and not about their impairment.

The aim of the inclusive work is both the individual support of the individual child and the support and integration in the overall group.

Because just like other children, they too have the right to have their personality recognized with all its weaknesses, but above all the skills and strengths that are often hidden.


                       I- Individuality

                           N- Near

                              K- Competence

                                 L- Learn

                                    U- basic trust

                                        S- specific promotion

                                            I - Identification

                                               O- Openness

                                                  N- naturalness


"Doing things together

is the first step of inclusion!“


The children can enjoy the breakfast brought from home together in a pleasant atmosphere.

We get our rich lunch from Apetito. Together with the children we create the menu with great care.

Dieticians support the Apetito team, so children with allergies can also get a specially tailored lunch.

If you get hungry between meals, we offer the children fruit in the afternoon.

Intercultural education

Intercultural education is an integral part of our educational work.
It is aimed at German children and children from immigrant families and prepares them for people of different origins to live together on an equal footing in our society.

Promoting cultural openness and an open and interested approach to foreign languages and cultures is part of everyday life in our institution.

Working with parents is essential for intercultural education in order to learn about the background and customs of different cultures.

Everyday integrated language education


We see our educational mission as a holistic and multifaceted one. In addition to the everyday integrated language education, which runs more or less "on the side", we use the children's natural interest in language and "train" them with them, without the children perceiving this as exercise.


A classic example is the morning circle, free play or joint activities. Sitting together in large groups every day offers a lot of scope for promoting the language.

For children, communicating with one another means:

Getting to know the various ways of expression

Extension of your own means of expression

Consciously experience that listening, speaking, sending and receiving information is always part of a conversation

Develop fun and have fun communicating with each other

Use and play with language creatively

Experience language with all your senses

Test and expand vocabulary and language skills

Experience language in social interaction


Kindergarten St. Marien

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Phone: 02552/ 6396322

Email: kita.stmarien-steinfurt@bistum-muenster.de

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Fridays 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.