Picking apples

Our "Schlaumeier" (prospective school children) picked apples in cooperation with Mrs. Vortherms from the "Obstrettern".

The apples that didn't land in your stomach right away were pressed into juice, which will be tasted at the upcoming Martinsfest.



These actions have been carried out recently

Beautification of our outdoor area

It's finally here!!!! :-)

We are redesigning our outdoor area!!!!

Together with the children and parents of our day care center, we considered what our "new" outdoor area could look like and what we would like to change.

It quickly became clear that the children would like to do handicrafts, that they wanted new places to hide and that our outdoor area lacked a place to climb.

The first purchase was a caravan for the children, which we will beautify together. This is used as a "workroom" and should offer the children many opportunities to try out handicrafts.

In the new kindergarten year, further measures such as planting the willow, building the mud kitchens, etc. will be tackled.

We are really looking forward to our beautified outdoor area!!!!!! :-)


Post action

The time when most children were not allowed to attend kindergarten due to Corona was particularly hard for everyone.

In order to be able to maintain contact with the children and families, we have come up with great campaigns.

For example, there was a letter at regular intervals with great handicraft offers, songs or finger games that were supposed to drive away boredom at home.



"Welcome back party"

During the second lockdown, many nice offers for the children had to be cancelled. The dear little ones currently have to do without so much, so we wanted to make them happy. We celebrated a "Welcome back Party" planned according to the current guidelines. All groups were decorated, the children were allowed to come dressed up and breakfast was eaten together. The children were very excited days before the party and really enjoyed this special day. :-)