The ten basic rights of children

Children have rights !

Summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The UN Children's Convention applies to all people who are not yet of legal age and are not yet allowed to vote freely. In Germany, therefore, for all children and young people aged 0-18.

Right to Equality

Equal rights for everyone! Every child is worth the same and all children have the same rights. It doesn't matter what gender they belong to, what country they come from, what skin color they have, what faith they belong to or what language they speak. It makes no difference whether a child is poor or rich, belongs to a minority or not.

Right to Health

All children should have their basic needs met: good food, access to clean drinking water and sanitation, clothing, a roof over their heads, medical care and care, protection from addictive substances, health care and vaccinations. Children should generally grow up healthy with positive future prospects in an environment that is as intact as possible.

Right to Education

Girls and boys have the right to go to school and receive an education that suits their needs and abilities. Their skills and talents should be encouraged. Primary school and textbooks should be free, secondary schools should be open to all children, regardless of their origin. School should be fun, not scary.

Right to parental care

Mother and father are the most important people for children and their development. Parents therefore enjoy special protection and have the right to support and help with bringing up their children. Mother and father are jointly responsible for the upbringing. A child has the right to regular personal contact with both parents.

If children are neglected or abused, they have a right to help. If the well-being of the child is endangered by the father and mother, a child can be separated from its parents. However, this must always be decided by an independent court. A child who loses his parents, who is abandoned by his father and mother or who, for serious reasons, can no longer live with them is entitled to protection and assistance.

Right to privacy and personal honor

Children and young people have the right to have their privacy, dignity, reputation and personal honor respected.

No one may arbitrarily or unlawfully interfere in the private lives of children and young people. The family of every girl and every boy, his apartment and his correspondence are private matters. Everyone has to respect that, including children and young people among themselves. If something does happen that violates the child's right to privacy and



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