Sidewalk training for the "school children"



Stop brake in,

look to both the road clear???

Then I can go!


It was an interesting afternoon with the policewoman Ms. Spieß.

We learned how to be safe  and safely cross the street!!!

May devotional

The children and educators celebrated a very nice May prayer with pastoral officer Claudia Brebaum.


Claudia told of the marriage in Canaan. The children were impressed that there was suddenly enough wine for all guests to drink.


At the end, all the children congratulated the two baptized Lia and Lenni


Grandparents afternoon

The grandparents of the ladybugs and smurfs spent a wonderful afternoon in the day care center. There was a lot of playing, laughing and chatting.


The children showed their grandparents the day care center and their favorite games.

In between, everyone strengthened themselves with delicious cakes, cookies, sandwiches, coffee and juice.

At the end, games were played and sung in a circle of chairs.


Visit to the Nicomedes Church

The future school children of the day care center  Went to St Nicomedes Church on Tuesday afternoon to watch the Way of the Cross, Jesus' way of suffering.



Visit to the fire department

By train to the Steinfurt volunteer fire brigade! 


The future school children had a very eventful afternoon at the fire brigade yesterday.

        &nbsp ; 

The children found the large hall with all the emergency vehicles particularly interesting.

       &nbsp ; 

Many thanks to Dominik and Jörg for the very good support during the 4-week fire safety education


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