Actions in and around our facility

Transition of the children to the new groups

On Monday morning, all the Willibrord children and educators met in the large hallway to celebrate a Liturgy of the Word with Claudia Brebaum. This time it wasn't about the stories of Jesus, but about the children, who are constantly growing, gaining new experiences and friends and becoming more and more independent. Not for long and many children will switch to the next possible group in the summer. Nine buttercup children are moving to the "big" kindergarten and are eagerly awaited by the daisy and dandelion group. The oldest daisy and dandelion children switch to the poppy group in the summer and will be able to gain many new experiences there as future school children. The teachers of the new groups gave the children medals with the sign they had chosen themselves and the new group flower. The children were very proud and very happy to soon be among the "bigger ones". 

Opening ceremony of the new premises

On Friday, April 21st, the St. Willibrord Family Center invited to the inauguration of the new premises.
The afternoon began at 2 p.m. with a service. The new premises, which include the canteen, the kitchen, the bedroom, the staff room and the office, were inaugurated and blessed by Mrs. Claudia Brebaum.
Following this, Mr. Ansgar Kockmann, union leader, and Ms. Jutta Heinemann, church council, said a few kind words to the team and the parents. Mrs. Verena Kroh gave a little insight into the construction phase with the help of a PowerPoint presentation.
The doors were then opened to all visitors. In the cafeteria you could chat over a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. At the dressing table, the children were artistically painted; there was a bubble station, a paint slingshot station and a button station. The largest structures were built with the giant building blocks. In the movement room, the children could dance and do gymnastics to the music. The parents' council took care of the physical well-being in the form of popcorn and the association let the children whiz down the mountain on the roller slide.
The team at the St. Willibrord family center says "thank you" for this great, successful afternoon.

The chickens are loose!

On March 28th, the time had finally come! Our long-awaited temporary pets have moved into our kindergarten. Karla Kolumna, Berta and Sky were brought to us by their owner Christina around nine o'clock. After setting up the enclosure, Christina explained to us how we feed the three chickens, how to keep the enclosure clean and what we have to consider when dealing with them. The children were very excited and some went straight to look for earthworms to bring to the chickens as a snack. It is particularly nice that we can also go to the chickens in the enclosure and pet them and feed them from our hands. Every morning we eagerly wait for Karla, Berta and Sky to lay an egg. Since each hen lays a different colored egg, we always know directly who the egg is in the coop. The children don't shy away from clearing out - everyone helps!

Opening of our canteen

Finally the time has come - our canteen in the new extension finally opened its doors on September 19th. On this special day we met at 9.30 a.m. in front of the front door of the canteen and opened the doors together with Ms. Brebaum and Mr. Kockmann. The children loved it and there was ice cream for everyone at the opening. The children agree: "Finally we can eat in our kindergarten again".  Self-service at the food counter at children's level is also a real experience: "I think it's good that I can make my own bread" (Ella)

Now comes the exploration phase. The children can arrange to have breakfast or lunch with friends from the other groups, they can decide for themselves when they want to have breakfast or whether they want to work the first lunch shift  or want to eat on the second shift. 

We are looking forward to the upcoming, exciting change and would like to thank the parents for their patience during the construction work. 


Our current breakfast

We offer the children breakfast in the form of a buffet every morning.
Since September 1st, 2021 we have been supplied in abundance in Steinfurt. The bread comes either from an organic baker in Ahaus or from Camphill in Steinfurt. The cold cuts are from the region. Fruit and vegetables are grown at Camphill among other places in the summer. All year round we get regional products, most of which are from certified organic farming. 
Sustainability is also taken into account in the packaging. The milk is delivered in glass bottles, the sausage in artificial casing (which is removed before cutting in the kindergarten), the butter in parchment paper and the muesli in reusable containers. 
When ordering, the children should be involved more and more.
The photos give you a little insight into what great products "Abundance" brings us.

If you are interested, visit the website or browse the store  ;Graf-Arnold-Platz in Steinfurt.

"Hello God Round"

"Come along to the "Hello God Round"! What's that?

"Hallo-Gott-Runde is a meeting place for all groups. We gather in the hall or outside if the weather is nice. Claudia Brebaum guides us through the "Hallo-Gott-Runde". This always takes place on the first Monday every month.

The first meeting took place on September 6th. it was a very special moment for the children. Because Claudia Brebaum brought a candle with the respective group symbol for each group. These are given a special place in the group.

In faith, the relationship to the "neighbor" is important. In order to make the community clear to the children, each child can design a bead. These are threaded into a chain. In this way we get four group chains, which are then always taken to the "Hello God rounds".

The song "Are you big or are you small..." is firmly integrated into the meeting. This makes it clear that everyone is welcome to God"

The next "Hello God round" will take place at Thanksgiving.