Crazy Friday the 13th

Crazy Friday in the St. Nikolaus Kindergarten

Have you ever wanted to experience a really crazy day in kindergarten? The children of the day-care center St. Nikolaus were lucky today.
Because today all the children were allowed to come in their pajamas and slide into the kindergarten with a lot of energy. Instead of good morning, we greeted each other with good evening.

On crazy Friday there are delicious fries and chicken nuggets at half past nine in the morning and at 12 noon there are colorful rolls for breakfast.

To let the neighbors know it's our crazy Friday, we walk around the block with fun musical instruments.
We'll end the crazy Friday with a crazy party.

Traffic training with the police

The schoolchildren of the St. Nikolaus Kindergarten did traffic training with Frank Loesch. Frank gave us a few tips on the road.

  • ,, Stopping stone - brake on, look both ways.
    If the street is clear, I can go over there. ´´
  • Small children walk on the side of the house, older children/adults on the side of the street.
  • I still look left and right when the traffic light is green.
  • If I can't see anything because a car is parked on the street, I can carefully take a step forward to see if a moving car is coming.
  • Cross the street straight, using the shortest route!

Parents' Afternoon - "Reading is like going to the cinema"

Children and parents from the St. Nikolaus kindergarten were invited to an exciting afternoon of reading.

Mrs. Anja Wagner Upkai told from her book "Räuberlilli". The children followed the adventures with excitement. As a little surprise, she had put together a robber's package for all the children. Ms. Wagner gave the parents some valuable tips on what reading aloud can do. Among other things, the imagination, the concentration, the shared experience is promoted. The educators had also prepared a list of valuable library addresses, Internet addresses and information on the Reading Foundation. Everyone involved was happy about the successful afternoon.

World Children's Day

On September 24th, 2021, everyone from the St. Nikolaus daycare center celebrated World Children's Day. There were lots of activities like sack races, throwing cans, putting on makeup... The highlight was the bouncy castle! Homemade waffles were served for refreshment. They were so delicious! Each child has prepared a colorfully designed T-shirt with the earth surrounded by colorful handprints. There was also a medal on which each child could stamp the individual stations. It was a wonderful day and everyone had a lot of fun.

Carnival 2021

Hello dear parents, hello dear children,

We have put together surprise bags for you, which you are welcome to pick up at the kindergarten on Shrove Monday, February 15th, 2021.

Due to Corona, we have to divide you into time periods.  

Sunshine Children:       9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Rainbow Children:        11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Shooting Star Children:   1pm to 4pm

Or by telephone agreement

We look forward to seeing you again :-)


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